H2Think Research Institute provides the 'Goldilocks' environment necessary for passionate researchers to explore true creative freedom.


About us

Joining hydrogen and oxygen doesn’t spontaneously make water. For that you need energy. Even great minds need pure inspiration, an injection of creative energy, to transform mere research into true innovation.

At H2Think we focus exclusively on fostering the right environment for this creative thinking and spirit to thrive.

Fundamentally, H2Think is all about connecting the right people and projects, providing the right space for creative problem solving, and pursuing long-term collaboration. Located in Berlin, H2Think has a global scope, inviting collaboration with any interested parties worldwide.


Infinite technology today.

We specialise in developing technology that makes a difference, finding sustainable solutions for real world problems.

We begin with research in light, sound, vibration, and other frequencies, bringing us into the field of digitization, data acquisition and data management.

Industry 4.0 is only the beginning.

Our focus is on finding and sustaining the right collaborations. The research topics, projects and solutions are up to you. Let's connect and think together.

H2Think brings research back to a focus on the fundamentals. Revolutionary thinking and the freedom to explore knowledge with an unencumbered creative spirit.


Inspired? Let's think together.

If you're passionate about lifelong personal development and have a high sense of responsibility, you might be just the right fit for our team.

At H2Think the focus is not only on the task but on the team. If you're looking to work with a group of exceptional problem solvers, contact us. We want to meet you.

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our team. Your areas of interest need to include at least one of the following: sound and vibration, structural dynamics, signal processing.

You should be familiar with: C, C++, C#. Additional knowledge in MATLAB, Python and Java (Android) is a plus.

Interested? Send your CV to info@h2think.org.